Welcome to Woodstream Consulting, a new Technology Management consultancy.

Why does the world need yet another consultant in this field?

Technology has grown to become the second largest expenditure line item in most businesses, after Payroll. After 16 years in consulting, and 22 years in the technology business, our founder, Matt Hisle, believes that it is time to manage this asset professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

Through improved Technology Management, we can save 10% or more off your total technology expenditures, improve services, and improve customer satisfaction.

Do you need our services?

$ Are your technology expenditures out of control?
$ Have you taken optimal advantage of new technology cost savings?
$ Were your last projects late and overbudget, and are you planning new ones?
$ Are you investing your technology capital and expense money wisely?
$ Are you considering investing in a start up venture, running a technology startup, or considering making a major purchase committment from a startup?

Our company mission is to ensure that your organization benefits the most from the new technology emerging today, maximizes use of existing technology, and optimizes your financial resources.

We offer three major service lines:
Project Management - Planning, Execution and Oversight of large, complex, or mission critical projects
Strategic Planning - Technology Forecasting, Strategic Needs Analysis and consensus based Strategic Plan development
Industry Advisory - Telecommunications, E-commerce, and general IT industry review and analysis. This service line also provides assistance to the investment community who may be evaluating opportunities in technology companies

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