About Us

Woodstream Consulting is a new company with an old name. Originally started in 1987, Woodstream operated successfully until its business was integrated into COMSUL Ltd. in October 1993 when Mr. Hisle became a partner in COMSUL. Named after the woods and streams at Woodstream Farm, the residence of the owner, Woodstream successfully provided independent consulting services to education, banking, real estate, government and corporate clients.

Now in 2001, the firm has been reconstituted, and will focus on returning to the traditional values of responsiveness, value and commitment that were a hallmark of its previous work.

Woodstream has been actively developing a web of partnerships and relationships around the country (and in Latin America) to provide resources to execute just about any technology project. In addition, soon we will offer the services of experienced associates who have retired from 30+ years of executive positions in technology management and consulting, and who are now offering those skills on a part time basis through Woodstream.

As the company grows these relationships, the cornerstone of commitment and client service will always be with our team.

Key Contact Information

Principal Office: 2477 Vince Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Main Telephone:
(859) 887 2666
(859) 887 1841
Managing Partner: James M. (Matt) Hisle Jr.
(859) 351 2245 cell phone
Webmistress: Debra Hisle
(859) 338 9245 cell phone
Primary Web Site: http://www.woodstreamconsulting.com
Banking Reference: Citizens National Bank
Nicholasville, KY