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Industry Advisory Services

"Reduce Risk, Increase Return"

Technology is big business today. Companies are investing millions in new systems. New companies are forming daily, and existing companies are changing, growing, and failing. For large buyers of technology systems and services, keeping up with the marketplace may mean the difference between investing in products from a failing company and securing successful long term partners. For the investor, venture capitalist or entrepeneur, keeping up with the market means the difference between a capital gain or loss; success or failure.

With 22 years immersed in the business of technology, and with information partners spanning multiple industries and companies, Woodstream Consulting is positioned to offer advisory services focusing on the business and investment issues in technology.

Which companies are gaining market share? Which companies are behind the curve technologically? Which companies are looking for partners? Which companies are ripe for mergers or acquisitions? What is the financial condition of a potential partner or strategic vendor?

Specifically, we offer the following services:

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