James (Matt) Hisle Jr. P.E.

Founder and Managing Partner

Overview of Skills, Experience and Capabilities

After operating successfully from 1987 to 1993, Mr. Hisle has restarted Woodstream Consulting to provide advanced Technology Management Consulting services to government and industry. Mr. Hisle has 22 years of experience in the telecommunications, Internet and information systems industry. Mr. Hisle’s primary area of expertise is voice and data communications systems, and Internet based businesses. Other specialty areas include Technology in Real Estate, Process Improvement, Technology Finance and Information Systems Strategic Planning.

Prior to starting Woodstream Consulting, he was Divisional Senior Vice President in the Enterprise Solutions division of Superior Consultants. Mr. Hisle joined Superior in 1997 as part of the merger between Superior and Comsul Ltd. During his 6 year tenure at Comsul Ltd. (1985- 1987 and 1993- 1997) Mr. Hisle exercised many roles, from Senior Consultant, to Senior Project Manager, to Branch Manager, to Vice President and Principal. During 1987 to 1993, Mr. Hisle operated Woodstream Consulting, which provided consulting to both COMSUL and to other national companies. Prior to joining the COMSUL team, Mr. Hisle served as Manager of Global Office Automation for Texaco.

He is a skilled speaker and presenter and has written many articles for publication in national journals. His educational credentials include a BSEE cum laude from Rice University, majoring in digital communications systems, with additional majors in computer science and economics . He is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

Summary of Recent Work and Accomplishments

Mr. Hisle is currently engaged in start-up activities associated with Woodstream Consulting. In Mr. Hisle’s recent positions with the Superior team, he managed e-commerce strategy and implementation projects, technology forecasting and strategic planning projects, large complex technology design and implementation projects, technology systems in large corporate headquarter projects, alternative workplace strategy projects and process improvement projects. As part of the Superior Advisory Group of Executives, Mr. Hisle was responsible for industry forecasts, strategic planning and strategic client visioning in the communications and Internet technology sectors. Prior to leaving Superior, Mr. Hisle was responsible for strategic market development, and management of strategic initiatives for the cross industry Enterprise Solutions division of Superior.




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